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G8 Parts & Accessories - Air Intake & Induction

102mm FAST Intake Manifold


Made from space-age polymer plastic, the new FAST™ LSX multi-piece component intake manifold shows a 20 horsepower increase on the General Motors LS1 engine and 15 horsepower on the Corvette LS6 engine, with no loss of drivability or low rpm torque. Best of all, the FAST™ space-age plastic polymer intake is 30 percent stronger than the stock polymer unit. Unlike aftermarket aluminum intakes, the FAST™ polymer intake avoids becoming a power robbing heat sink.

The LSX comes with integrated nitrous oxide injector ports and the ability to accept a larger than the stock (75mm) throttle body for increased fuel flow. In addition, the LSX manifold has the capability to be ported and is easily accessible as a result of the multi-piece design.

Advanced Polymer

  • "Amodel" Advanced Polymer Material used because it is 20% stronger and 25% stiffer than the nylon used in O.E.M. intakes. 127% lighter than aluminum. [11 lbs vs 26 lbs]
  • This Polymer helps protect against heat sink damage caused by metal manifolds.

To fit this intake manifold on your C6 Corvette you will need to modify the firewall. Call for details.